Create the connection you always dreamed of.

Many of us longed for deeper connection and understanding from our parents. Now we struggle to offer it to our kids.

No one is perfect. There will be times when we aren't as present as we mean to be, but no matter what happens throughout the day, we can always end on a positive note.

Make the last 20 minutes of their day precious.

We are committed to helping you 

Grow the confidence of your child as you nurture their spirituality. 

Feel fulfilled as a parent that you are doing a great job.

Grow happiness in your home.

Keep your own spirtual principles and values alive in your home.

Empower your children with knowledge and skills to navigate real-life situations.  

Make storytime your dedicated spiritual practice.

Meet our team

The Storyteller

Hello. My name is Andrew Newman. I love all things creative and spiritual. Especially kids!

I have been training and working in healing and community building for many years.

These stories come to me in moments of clear sight and understanding. They feel like a gift to me and I hope to pass that on to you and your families. Welcome!

The Funky Illustrators

There is a fabulous team of illustrators who bring these stories to life in the most remarkable ways.  

I bow to them for their creative wizardry. I'm sure you will find your favorite. 

Big love to  Alexis Aronson, Adam Carnegie, Liesl Bell, Marcelle Marais and Rosie Balyuzi.

They live in South Africa and Scotland (My homes before Colorado)

The Support Crew

I could not do this without the amazing support of a truly global team of experts and friends. 

Cape Town is the base for our book designer, typesetter, editor and  brand manager. Colorado is home to the finance team and purchasing manager. Calgary is home to our coloring-in department. New Brunswick is home to our storyclub mother and Portland is home to the queen bee who keeps me right each and every day. I love and appreciate you all.

How it all started

When I was training as a healer, I fell in love with writing. I began to  sit with pen and paper, opening to the world within me and around me. I'd  meditate on my healing journey and invite in wisdom. My stories began to emerge from this still place back in 2010, but I kept them hidden as a personal hobby.  I didn't know I was making a collection. I only knew that I was enjoying myself!  The collection grew and  I moved to the USA in 2015 to bring the stories to the world. 

In the beginning...

Shortly after arriving in the USA I began attend Conscious Parenting Summits. I went to  Bodhi & Zen Parenting in Chicago, then Evolve in LA,   Wisdom2.0 in  San Francisco.  It was my first chance to meet parents directly and see if they liked my stories. 

At the first conference we sold out in 24 hours!

Parents started saying:

“You are saving the world one book at a time” Rosalyn Collier, Peace Center, SanAntonia Tx  

"The children request them on a regular, if not daily basis." Katja, Lead teacehr at Little Lyceum Montessori.

"We are loving them so much & welcoming their heart love light & wisdom to grow in our HOME!!! Love, mama Melani"  

  “Andrew's books are deeply healing and inspire growth in the core of the soul and personality, touching emotions shared by children and parent alike." - Susan Anderson, Psychotherapist and Author  

Where we are today...

So I kept writing, and now the collection is ready for the first year of of families to join.

The team of amazing peoaple has grown. They lovingly support my vision so that you can receive these stories. I know a lot about healing and writing, but still have lots to learn about printing and distribution of books. That's my growing edge and I share it with you to be real. 

Join us. It's going to be great.

This  is going to be a fabulous first year. You will be loved, Loved, LOVED. Thats is what we are here to do. To bring you ways to connect with yourself and child and families who share your values.

Don't be alone. There is a movement of parents who are pioneering new ways to relate with their children. Come and join us.