We believe the last 20 minutes of the day are precious.

We longed for more attention and understanding from our parents. Now we struggle to stay present and connected to our kids because we're just so busy, day in and day out.

We don't focus on perfection here, we just want to help everyone end the day on a positive note with deep breaths, conscious connection and mindful conversations.

We are committed to helping you: 

Empower your children with wisdom and skills to navigate real-life situations. 

Feel fulfilled as a parent, reassured you're doing a great job.

Grow happiness in your home.

Keep your spiritual principles and values alive in your home. 

Grow your child's confidence as you nurture their spiritual growth. 

Make storytime your family's spiritual practice.

You're not alone. There is a movement of parents who are pioneering new ways to relate with their children. Come and join us, and be sure to follow us on our Facebook page to catch live readings by Author Andrew Newman in his great South African accent! 

Meet our team

The Storyteller

Hello. My name is Andrew Newman. I love all things creative and spiritual, especially kids! I've now written 12 books that I hope help families connect at the end of those hectic days filled with growing, loving and learning.

I have been training and working in healing and community building for many years. It shows in the attention I've paid to giving each book a mindful purpose for families.

These stories come to me in moments of clear sight and understanding. They feel like a gift to me, and I hope to pass that on to you and yours. Welcome to The Conscious Bedtime Story Club!

The Funky Illustrators and Support Crew

Our fabulous team of illustrators who bring these stories to life in the most remarkable ways.  We bow to them for their creative wizardry. 

Big love to  Alexis Aronson, Adam Carnegie, Liesl Bell, Marcelle Marais and Rosie Balyuzi in South Africa and Scotland.

We're supported by a  global team of experts and friends. Cape Town is the base for our book designer, typesetter, editor and  brand manager. Colorado is home to the rest of us. Calgary is home to our coloring-in department. We love and appreciate them all.

Our Conscious Mamas, Papas and Families

Our in-house Conscious Mama nurtures our growth, day in and day out. She's just like you, with a 1.5-year-old son and another on the way, just trying to do this parenting thing the best way she knows how.

She's our voice, our protector and our guide through the insane growth we've experienced in our short two years. Mamas, we know you can relate. It all happens so fast.

We wouldn't be who we are if it weren't for the countless parents who want to bring mindfulness into their parenting and conscious connection into bedtime. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age are the stories for?

Between 4 and 85 years old! The conscious messages are for all of us, but it's especially important to introduce these values and tools to children between 4 and 8 years old when you're locked into bedtime together anyhow. Remember, the last 20 minutes of the day with your children are a precious gift.

Are some stories better for boys than for girls?

The collection features a great mix of "boy" and "girl" characters with messages that aren't gender reliant. Funny story, our bee was once a boy, but then we had a great chat with an apiarist (bee expert), who let us know our adventuresome bee must be a girl!

Which Conscious Stories are best for younger children?

Nobody is too young or old for deep breaths and story time. These books are as much for parents to connect and open dialogue as they are for children. The rhyming picture books — The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe and The Laughing Witch — are great for your youngest little ones. The collection will be with you for many years, so trust your impulse. You know your family best.

What is a "conscious exercise," and why does each book contain one?

Each Conscious Bedtime Story ends with an exercise or series of questions designed to open a conscious dialogue or help children and parents get grounded, peaceful and calm before bed. You'll start to notice your children picking the book they NEED before bed, based on these practices. 

What's the difference between buying a subscription for the year and just buying 12 books?

Now that we have 12 books published, we've begun offering a subscription box that includes a matching coloring book, extra stickers and helpful tools for parents to keep everyone on a monthly theme of conscious growth in a specific area of their lives. 

Why do all the stories have circles?

Circles represent wholeness and Oneness. This is the a healing shape that reminds readers of the true connection of all living things.