Adults get as much from storytime as children.

The last 20 minutes of the day are precious.

Closing each day with connection and togetherness heals our children and our inner child. This time helps them integrate their day's lessons and experiences, let go of negativity, and go to sleep feeling safe and loved. They need you.

And you need them. Their wisdom, touch, playfulness, spontaneity and laughter nourish your soul. Children  give you permission to be yourself.  

Together at bedtime, taking deep breaths and discussing the day over a sweet story, you foster a familial sense of belonging and conscious connection. That's why we created The Conscious Bedtime Story Club.

Calm, deep breaths settle the body, mind and spirit.  

By starting each storytime with our Snuggle Breathing meditation, you arrive to the present moment together and connected. When you arrive calmly within yourself, you give your children permission to connect with and arrive to themselves, to center, settle and soften at bedtime.  


Connection heals disconnection.  

You don't have to be perfect. Every day includes awkward relational moments that bring up sticky thoughts. Conscious connection is the solution.

Conscious connection, fostered by our stories and closing practices in each book, nourishes souls young and old. It creates a safe space for us to be ourselves, to confidently and joyfully belong in our bodies, our minds and our families. 


We foster familial: 






for healthier children, peaceful parents and a values-driven world.

Families work best within their village. 

Your family is part of a wider village, where your children are taught by many role models. You are also a role model to many children in your village. We choose friends who can help our children be themselves. We choose food that helps our children have healthy bodies. Now you can choose books that nurture your children’s consciousness. Connect with us on Facebook, or sign up at the top of the page to receive our newsletter. Our characters and our community are part of your village now. 

We are never too young to nourish the spirit.

We are role-models to our children from the day they are born.  They are spiritual beings from the day they are born. They bring us joy from the day they are born. We nurture their spirit from the day they are born.  

Special Connection Tools

1. Settle in with Snuggle Breaths.

Gather the family at bedtime and set your intention for conscious connection with our Snuggle Breathing Meditation.

2. Connect joyfully over a conscious concept.

These 20 minutes are precious. Join a lovable character on a fun journey toward being more conscious and peaceful.

3. Deepen connection as you reflect together.

Open a conscious dialogue or promote more peaceful sleep with a Gratitude Spiral, Bedtime Body Scan or Hug Meter.