Adults get as much from story-time as children

Closing each day with connection and togetherness is very healing for our children. This time helps them integrate their day and go to sleep feeling safe and loved. They need you.

At the same time, you need them. Their contact, touch, playfulness, spontaneity and laughter nourish your soul.  Children  give you permission to be yourself.  Children can help you feel safe and belong.

Breathing settles the body, mind and spirit.  

By starting each story-time with ‘Snuggle Breathing’ you can arrive to the present moment. If you arrive to yourself, you give your children permission to arrive to themselves. To center, settle and soften.  


Connection heals disconnection.  

No-one is perfect. Every day has some awkward relational moments. They are repairable. It is easy. All that is needed is sincere connection time together.

     Connection nourishes the soul ( whether you are young or old). Connection grows a sense of safety to be ourselves and to belong. Then confidence and self-esteem rise to the surface for the whole world to see.  


Families work best when they are part of a village. 

Your family is part of a wider village, where your children are taught by many role-models. You are also a role-model to many children in this village. So we choose friends who can help our children be themselves. We choose food that helps our children have healthy bodies. Now you can choose books that nuture your children’s spirituality.   

We are never too young to nourish the spirit.

We are role-models to our children from the day they are born.  They are spiritual beings from the day they are born. They bring us joy from the day they are born. We nurture their spirit from the day they are born.  

Special Connection Tools

1. Open the space by Breathing together

Yay! Your new story has arrived.Gather the family and set your intention for healthy, loving connection.

2. Grow connection while reading together

Do the 'Snuggle Breathing Meditation' and enjoy the story together. These 20 minutes are precious.

3. Deepen connection using the activity  pages.

Share a moment with 'The Gratitude Spiral',  ' Ellie's Bedtime Body Scan' and 'The Bedtime Bubble Spell'

Frequently Asked Questions

What age are the stories for?

Between 4 and 85 years old! The spiritual messages are for all of us, but its especially important to introduce these values to children  between 4 and 8 years old.

Are some stories better for boys than for girls?

The collection is well balanced with boy and girl characters. 

Is my 3 year old too young?

The rhyming picture books are easier for this age. The collection will be with you for many years, so trust your impulse.

Why do all the stories have circles?

Circles represent wholeness and Oneness. This is the a very healing shape that reminds readers of the true connection to all living things.

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