Would you like to bond more deeply with your children?

Being a parent is a tremendous amount of work.  

You might find yourself constantly engaged in the activities of parenting, yet missing the feeling of true connection with your children.

Conscious storytime -- the last 20 minutes of each day -- helps children integrate their day's lessons and experiences, allows them to let go of negativity, and fall sleep feeling safe and loved. Together at bedtime, taking relaxing breaths and discussing the day over a sweet story, you foster a familial sense of belonging and conscious connection that will support your children through the rest of their lives. That's why we created The Conscious Bedtime Story Club.

Are you concerned about your child's social-emotional learning?

It is really hard to teach children to successfully navigate their world, communicate their needs, and develop healthy relationships.

We want to support you.

Each Conscious Bedtime Story includes awkward relational moments that bring up sticky thoughts and offer situations that are common to daily living. Conscious connection, fostered by our stories and closing practices in each book, nourishes souls young and old. Each story offers a core life skill that children are invited to integrate into their daily life experience.


What if storytime could nourish your spirit as well? 

Many parents are frustrated by the lack of time to experience their own inner life.  

We understand this all-too-often unmet need. 

Closing each day with the connection and togetherness provided by Conscious Bedtime Stories helps children and parents alike to nourish their spirit and also to nourish the family unit. Your childrens’ wisdom, touch, playfulness, spontaneity, and laughter also nourish your soul and give you permission to be yourself. 


How Conscious Stories help you create connection

1. Settle in with the four simple breaths of the Snuggle Breathing Meditation.

Gather the family at bedtime and set your intention for conscious connection with our Snuggle Breathing Meditation.

2. Connect joyfully over the core conscious concept in each story.

These 20 minutes are precious. Join a lovable character on a fun journey toward being more conscious and peaceful.

3. Deepen connection with our reflective activity pages and conversation starters.

Open a conscious dialogue or promote more peaceful sleep with a Gratitude Spiral, Bedtime Body Scan or Hug Meter.

Core Lessons 

AUGUST: The Fish Who Searched For Water,      Helping   children recognize the love that surrounds them     

SEPTEMBER: The Boy Who Searched For Silence,     Helping   young children find silence within themselves    

OCTOBER: The Laughing Witch,     Teaching   children about sacred space and honoring nature    

NOVEMBER: The Tree of Goodness,      Helping   children love themselves as they are    

DECEMBER: The Prayer Who Searched For God,      Helping   children use prayer and breath to find God within themselves    

JANUARY: The Hug Who Got Stuck,      Teaching   children to access their heart and get free from sticky thoughts    

FEBRUARY: A Little Light,      Connecting   children with their inner light so they can shine    

MARCH: The Forgetful Elephant,      Helping   children find inner happiness when they forget    

APRIL: How Diablo Became Spirit,      Showing   children how to connect with animals and respect all living beings    

MAY: The Bee Who Could not Choose Her Flower,      Teaching   kids the valuable lesson of making choices    

JUNE: The Dad Who Didn't Know,      Teaching   parents and kids that we don't have to know everything.     

JULY: The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe,      Reminding children to love the body they have.