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"Ending the day with a breathing exercise is genius! Thank you Conscious Bedtime Stories for creating a space where my five year old can close her eyes, take a deep breath and settle into herself before winding down, what a difference a breath makes! The Hug Who Got Stuck reminded me, mom, about how important it is to not “pay too much attention to The Web of Sticky Thoughts” and to “Breath in love to glow brightly”. So many bedtime stories leave me wanting more, not The Hug Who Got Stuck! The lesson, love and mindfulness of this story shines through and inspired conversations between my daughter and I about happy thoughts and “icky” thoughts. Thank you for reminding me to “fight agains the Web of Sticky Thoughts to get free!” This is a message to remember no matter how young or old we are!” - Autumn McFarland, Parent Coach/Preschool Placement Specialist, MA Child Psychology, Educational Psychology & Human Development

"I found Andrew Newman’s books to be deep and meaningful and light and refreshing. I highly recommend them to parents, educators and anyone who connects with children.” - Janet Wepner, Montessori educator

" I absolutely love your books. I even like reading them by myself! Thank happy I joined the book club. I am always excited when a new book comes in the mail. My son is 2 & really likes them as well. I think in a few months he will understand them more. He does some of the exercises & breathing with me & I think in the future we will be able to more together I am so grateful I found your books. They have really touched me. Thank you! " -Tara Perry, Subscriber

“Your books are favorites in my classroom. The children request them on a regular, if not daily basis!” - Katja, Primary Lead Teacher at Little Lyceum Montessori

"Andrew's Conscious Bedtime Story Club, a novel initiative that promotes intentional parenting, parent-child connection, stress-reduction, and mindfulness through literacy, is imbued with the accumulated wisdom of a life dedicated to nurturing and healing the world. As a parent, fellow author/publisher, and community health educator, I love Andrew's books for the heart they embody and the humanity they promote." -Mayra Porrata

" When the hug got free and the hug factory started to make hugs again, that was my favorite part”-Lily, 8 years old

"“I liked the glow coming into the hug, that was my favorite part”-Della, 5 years old

“The Boy Who Searched for Silence is my new all-time favorite children's book! Elegant, wise and profound, these pages will offer your child the inestimable gift of always knowing where to find peace: within their own selves. Every child needs to read this wonderful book!” - Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist and Author of NYT bestselling, The Conscious Parent

“My daughter and I love the Laughing witch and the other stories we have received. It has been a sweet pleasure to have loving and compassionate stories to share together.”- Melissa Cosens, Annual Subscriber Oct 2017

“Nina has autism, she's high functioning and loves your first book. For months that was the only book allowed to make bed, she's so excited to have 2 more books.”- Thais Busato Family coach

“I literally get the “tingles of truth" thinking of the children (and families!) that will be inspired and impacted by your stories, and I love that you're helping create a better world for my little girls to be a part of, one bedtime story at a time.”- Jamie DuBose, mother

“Andrew Newman's spirit-filled stories bring readers into a bright new paradigm of children's literature. Filled with marvelous quests and luminous color, these tales will engage, uplift, and heal adults and kids alike.” - Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, PhD

“You are saving the world one book at a time” - Rosalyn Collier, Peace Center, San Antonio Tx

"You are the type of author I strive to be.Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. I sense your strong spirituality and old soul.  That's so amazingly beautiful." - Kelly Crabtree , Montessori Teacher

"Thank you for sending me your lovely book that you wrote with Anna, Spirit and Alexis. I am so glad to receive your e-mails and although my daughter is grown up, I like the advice you and your friends give to children all over the World. This advice is true for anyone no matter what age." - Kate Wild

"After just 5 days my 13-month-old breathes in and out with me during the snuggle meditation and the goodness stretch. There’s that cute little guy nursing away, but after each line he audibly breathes in and sighs out, following our lead. Thank you so much for these books!" - Amorette

"The most wonderful book arrived yesterday.  I love it.  How thoughtful and such a guiding light for parents.  Wish these had been around when my kids were little but the grandkids can enjoy them with their parents now.  A lovely way to end the day for both generations." - Carol Grubb

"We love how each book   includes bonuses to help your child integrate the story. The hug who got   stuck includes a star counter and stickers to keep track of how many times   your child reads this story." - Carol and Stacey, Intentional Conscious Parenting

"We received our books last Friday, and Alby was so excited to open them up!! He and I had just watched your video a few days before where you flipped through each book, and Alby said he REALLY wanted the "red" one, so he was very happy that "A Little Light" was in there! " - Megan Beattie, Our First Subscriber!

"You rock - your books rock - and what it brings in the world is just so palpably life changing in the cutest way - awesome" - Dana 

"So heartwarming. They would be a great addition to my social emotional learning library" - Juliana Vergaray, MSW, LCSW -Child and Family Therapist

"Thank you Andrew!!! for bringing to life your vision of these children's books...their stories, their illustrator, their intention to connect parent & child through presence, breath, & a peaceful transition into sleepy time!! We are loving them so much & welcoming their heart love light & wisdom to grow in our HOME!!!" - Love, Mama Melani 

"The “Boy Who Searched For Silence” is a book that takes you into a gentle journey within. With a unique pace and fabulous illustrations, it brings the silence within at easy reach. A gift and must-read for children and adults as well!" - Patricia Barros, MD (Brazil) PCI Certified Parent Coach.

"When I read it in your book, I nearly burst into tears. So excited for my son to grow up with these stories and meditations. Much love to you."- Sarah Voordouw 

"My children love your books! They are aged 13, 11 and 9. It is a feat for me to read them what they would consider ‘kiddie’ books. I love everything that you are doing. Keep up the great work." - Brigid Hopkins

 "I hope that the Tree of Goodness reaches many readers. The words in your book are simple yet full of wisdom, the artwork is elegant and filled with a sense of humour. Children as well as adults will learn the meaning of deep ecology from reading this book." - Satish Kumar, Editor in chief: Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

  “Andrew's books are deeply healing and inspire growth in the core of the soul and personality, touching emotions shared by children and parent alike."- Susan Anderson, Psychotherapist and Author

 “A beautifully conceived and written story. The illustrations are a delight to look at - easy on the eye and very soothing. The characters are cute and have an optimism and inquisitiveness which encourages you to read further and explore the message” - Eva Shore

“I love the simple and fun explanation of Universal Truths. How fortunate are the children who are exposed to these truths at an early age” - Susan Enderle

“The Boy Who Searched For Silence would speak directly to many Quaker audiences” - Lark Worth

 “The story was clear and simple, easy to follow and at the same time communicated mystery and a sense of exploration. The practice was sweet, soft and dreamlike” - Dora Bartley, Texas.

"The Hug Who Got Stuck builds emotional intelligence in children by teaching that we sometimes can get stuck in our own "web of thoughts." It teaches children in these moments, we can come back to breath and free ourselves. I highly recommend this entire series to professionals and parents alike."-Erica Tucker, M.Div., Interfaith trauma chaplain

"I love this Hug book. Every time I read it, my entire being is lifted. It has a way of centering my right back to who I am. Magical." - Kerry Goldring