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"Your books are adored and repeatedly requested by the children." - Gordon Kearns, Little Lyceum Montessori

Story-Time for Schools, Libraries, Kids Parties and Conferences

  Looking for an author with substance to visit your school? Andrew Newman, children’s author of Conscious Stories, specializes in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and mindfulness practices.

Andrew is available for school visits to speak with students, staff, and parents about his books and his social emotional framework (SEL). Each of his books depict a loveable hero who overcomes everyday challenges and complex emotions to learn self-awareness and acceptance. 

He specializes in Mindfulness Moments focused on cultivating a love and appreciation of silence in and out of the classroom.  Andrew will help children and teachers fall inwards into silence using the best-selling children’s book, The Boy Who Searched for Silence

Activities vary depending on age group and often include: 

  • group discussion on silence
  • shared breathing exercises 
  • story-time, quiet moments together, 
  • group story creation
  • drawing time where kids get to draw the story that the class just created
  • individual story creation in the Conscious Stories unique bookmaking template
  • book review writing

Kids love silence! Sometimes they just need an invitation for full body listening, and a story that leads them directly into the stillness within.This is the perfect for schools that value mindfulness and want to support children and teachers in centering and creating a calm nurturing atmosphere.  This class has been successfully run with K – 5 children, summer camps, and at many conferences. It is easily accessible for students who are new to mindfulness and complements existing mindfulness practices, allowing students to deepen their connection to self.

"Andrew’s ability to connect deeply with our children, to engage in their ideas, and create amazing stories inspired all of us.  As a talented author, Andrew’s stories get to their heart of humanity in language that children understand.  We were absolutely thrilled to host Andrew Newman as our Writer-in-Residence at Bixby School. I can’t recommend Andrew highly enough!"  -Beth Suitor, Head of School, Bixby School

Planning your author visit 

Many hosts choose to fill up Andrew's day, and he loves that. Our author visits are accommodating to your individual school and group needs. 


  •  A kids story-time 20-40 minutes per class 
  • An hour with the teachers inspiring their good work, and teaching how to use his Social Emotional Learning (SEL) framework in the classroom
  • A parents talk on the importance of the last 20 minutes of the day
  • A personal coaching session for the host.
  • Plus, the co-ordinator got 4 books of their choice to add to their collection

AUTHOR IN RESIDENCE:  Andrew was Author in Residence for 5 days at Bixby School in Boulder, CO. During the week he interacted with children from Pre-k – Grade 5, working in small classes, and in school assembly, meeting with parents and selling books.  


Andrew's day rate is $1000 per day.   

This excludes travel costs, which can be mostly limited to flights and Uber if you can find a suitable home-host who will have Andrew as a guest.  

If we’re traveling in your neighborhood already a Half-day rate of $500 is available. Your school can partner with other schools, libraries, or daycares in your city to share travel costs and book multiple events in the same day/week to share the cost.

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"We bring speakers into our preschool every other month, and Andrew was such a favorite that we’ve invited him back multiple times. Our community of working parents is always looking for ways to maximize the time they have with their children. Andrew Newman brought a magical, inspiring evening to them, touching hearts and giving families tools for connection. Citing recent neuroscience and developmental psychology, Andrew provided us with suggestions for evening rituals involving mindfulness practices that are both achievable and meaningful for children. He wrapped up by gathering the children for a read-through of one of his enchanting and stunningly illustrated Conscious Bedtime Stories. Andrew will be one of the most uniquely engaging speakers your school will provide to your families." - Little Lyceum Montessori, Denver.

Parent Talks

Getting the most out of the last 20 minutes of the day.  

Inspire the parents in your school with a playful talk built around Andrew's TEDx Talk, "Why the last 20 minutes fo eth day matter" 

Encourage parents to create deeper connection with their kids while improving reading skills and setting the kids up for a good night’s sleep. 

The last 20 minutes offers a wonderful opportunity for connection with your children, but you must be ready for the surprise! This is when they often open and share more deeply, revealing themselves and their vulnerabilities. 

In this talk we explore:

  • What you do in the last 20 minutes affects their esteem and confidence
  • What factors you have influence over
  • Setting yourself up for deeper moments of connection 
  • Q&A and sharing
  • Story-time reading

Time: 20 - 60 minutes

Wells Elementary, East Moline School District

Listening to Andrew read “The Hug Who Got Stuck,” in a room full of  educators and caring professionals, was absolutely mesmerizing. At that point, I knew I needed to connect my preschool families with his powerful message.  

  Andrew was able to share his meaningful stories with our preschool-fourth graders, where he shared how he created the stories, the trials and tribulations of a children’s book author, and his presence of using breathing and awareness to regulate and reflect on one’s emotions. Additionally, he provided an informative and interactive parent workshop, modeling activities to connect with young children, and sharing his message of creating meaningful relationships with our children. 

To further the professional development of our staff, Andrew facilitated a session of reflection and growth, which not only supported our staff in their ability to relate to their students, but also allowed for personal reflection regarding thoughts, beliefs, and self-care. Andrew Newman, and his collection of Conscious Bedtime Stories, has made a valuable impact on our school, staff, and community. We look forward to future book titles to add to our new collection!

Melissa McCullough, LSW, Early Childhood Program Coordinator, East Moline School District. Sept 2018.