A book-a-month club for conscious parents

Bringing you simplicity and ease.

It takes time to find good stories that match your values, and help you make bedtimes a moment of nourishing connection. 

If you like the collection and want a full year of great loving bedtime moments, then checkout the added value of our book-a-month club.

Monthly or annual payment plans

Month to Month

12 Month Prepay

What's in the Monthly Box?

Your Conscious Bedtime Story of the month, including:

the Snuggle Breathing Meditation.

a love-able character exploring the core lesson of the book. 

a reflective activity page at the end of each story that helps to start conversations.

stickers to keep the core lesson alive around the house.

star stickers to count how many times you have read the book.

an 8-page coloring book featuring this month’s conscious character. 

a fridge magnet featuring this month’s conscious reminder.

A full moon live online reading with other families on zoom.

Core Lessons & Monthly Sequence

AUGUST: The Fish Who Searched For Water,  Helping children recognize the love that surrounds them.     

SEPTEMBER: The Boy Who Searched For Silence,  Helping   young children find silence within themselves.    

OCTOBER: The Laughing Witch, Teaching children about sacred space and honoring nature .   

NOVEMBER: The Tree of Goodness, Helping children love themselves as they are .   

DECEMBER: The Prayer Who Searched For God,  Helping children use prayer and breath to find God within themselves.    

JANUARY: The Hug Who Got Stuck, Teaching children to access their heart and get free from sticky thoughts.    

FEBRUARY: A Little Light, Connecting children with their inner light so they can shine.    

MARCH: The Forgetful Elephant, Helping children find inner happiness when they forget .  

APRIL: How Diablo Became Spirit, Showing children how to connect with animals and respect all living beings .  

MAY: The Bee Who Could not Choose Her Flower, Teaching kids the valuable lesson of making choices.   

JUNE: The Dad Who Didn't Know,  Teaching parents and kids that we don't have to know everything.     

JULY: The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe, Reminding children to love the body they have.

Important Dates

  • The books ship on the 20th of each month
  • Join a live reading with author Andrew Newman every full moon, 
  • We will send you a monthly email with a message and mantra from the Conscious Club Mama to help you as parents further connect to these conscious concepts and soak in all the nourishment you need to be a great caregiver.

Of course, we encourage everyone who loves us to follow us on Facebook to catch surprise live readings, events and to share coloring pages and conscious family experiences.

  • The monthly subscription service is only available in the USA.
  • If you are outside the USA we recommend ordering 3-6 books at a time from our shop for best shipping costs.