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How Diablo Became Spirit

The true story of a liberated leopard: A lesson for children in listening, communicating and respecting all creatures.

This thoughtfully illustrated children's book tells the real-life story of Spirit the black leopard as he transitions to a new, safe space at the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, where he is finally heard and respected. Through this story, told from Spirit's perspective, children learn to listen with an open heart as Spirit's caregiver Jurg and animal communicator Anna Breytenbach listen to Spirit's worries and fears, and respect his needs as he emerges from the night shelter he tucked himself away in for six months.Watch their story, viewed more than six million times, and order Spirit's Conscious Bedtime Story for December holiday arrival!

12 Special Stories

Each book features an easy breathing meditation, conscious concept exploration and reflection practices to help parents open a dialogue with their children. This collection helps parents maintain foster a sense of familial belonging and conscious values by promoting healthy, consistent connection every day.


Stories With Purpose

Meet 12 lovable characters who overcome life's challenges to find peace, love and connection. 

We Make Mindfulness 


Each bedtime story guides you through snuggle-breath meditation, a mindful journey, and conscious conversation. 

Our Conscious Community

The Conscious Bedtime Story Club connects conscious caregivers who seek a richer relationship with their children. 

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What people are saying:

"Andrew's books allow parents to ease into themselves so that they can open the space up for a deeper connection with their children at night."

—Dr Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist and Author of The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family.

"A sure-fire way to nurture moms as they nurture their children before bed."

—Suzi Lula, Agape-licensed Spiritual Counselor. Author of The Motherhood Evolution.

"These delightful stories remind me of the wholeness and Oneness of life. They are a great gift to young and old."

—Anna Breytenbach, The Animal Communicator

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